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CA Registration Directory

This is the list of current Chiropractic Assistant Registration Numbers. Please note this list is not exclusive, as Chiropractic Assistants Register or submit notice of Transfer paperwork they will be assigned a Registration Number. Please contact the Board if you have questions about a specific CA

Registration Number Last Name First Name Date of Employment Date Registered Sort ascending Additional Comments
CA-010081 Baker Melinda Wednesday, April 17, 1996
CA-060278 Schutte Victoria Tuesday, March 26, 1996
CA-140151 Brown (Walden) Jennifer Wednesday, November 8, 1995
CA-030127 Walter Karen Wednesday, October 18, 1995
CA-950003 Rogers Dawn Tuesday, October 10, 1995
CA-000059 Merimsky Sandra Wednesday, July 12, 1995
CA-060001 Rosen Daryl Wednesday, May 10, 1995
CA-070004 Raygoza Julia Tuesday, May 2, 1995
CA-950002 Castillo Ramona Tuesday, April 11, 1995
CA-020069 Powser Shelly Thursday, February 16, 1995
CA-950001 Freeman Kim Friday, February 10, 1995
CA-040137 Schilreff Linda Friday, August 5, 1994
CA-040285 Androde Marlene Sunday, June 26, 1994
CA-030154 Horta Perlina Friday, May 13, 1994
CA-030040 Samuel Laurie Thursday, May 5, 1994
CA-090125 Gonzales Fred Monday, May 2, 1994
CA-020057 Vonnahme Barbara Wednesday, March 30, 1994
CA-030142 Ligon Gail Friday, March 11, 1994
CA-070114 Lamia Jolene Tuesday, June 29, 1993
CA-200062 Bryant Haleigh Wednesday, July 25, 2018
CA-180027 Salayandia Malessa Monday, November 13, 2017 never registered