Approved Continuing Education Course Directory

Reminder: Pursuant to Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C) R4-7-801(M)(1), Each licensee shall complete a minimum of two hours of continuing education in record-keeping for every even-numbered [calendar] year.

This is the list of current and approved courses that have been pre-approved by the Board and can be used as Continuing Education for your license renewal in Arizona.
You can search by the Approval Code of the course, The name of the course, how many hours the course is approved for, the name of the instructor, and the type of course. Course dates, times, locations, websites, contact information, and hours should be confirmed with the course provider as that information may be subject to change.

Please note: You can sort by order of Approval Code, Start Date, Course Name, Hrs, Instructor, Seminar, and Expiration by clicking on the text.

Approval Code Start Date Course Name Hrs Sort descending Instructor Seminar Contact Info Website / City, State Expiration Hours of Record Keeping
AZCE20230 7/31/2020 Treating Patients with Primary and Comobid Insomnia Using CBT-1 1 Robert Oexman, DC in person 214-902-2401 Dallas, TX 7/1/2022
AZCE22005 01/01/2022 - 12/31/2022 Online - Functionally Progressive Rehabilitation for the Chiropractor 1 Kevin Jardine, D.C. Online (214) 902-2401 11/22/2023
AZCE17104 Online Basic Case Management 1 Guy Annunziata Online 800-511-0269 3/1/2019
AZCE19062 2/23/2019 Communication the New Understanding of Mechanisms of Chiropractic Case 1 Heidi Haavik, D.C. In Person 800-266-4723 Las Vegas, NV 8/1/2020
AZCE22137 2/10/2022 - 2/12/2022 The Doctor Patient Relationship: A Super Strong Day 1 1 Noel Lloyd In-Person (800) 266-4723 3655 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 12/10/2023
AZCE20587 10/1/21-10/3/21 Treating the Posterior Dural Fascia 1 Jeff Rockwelll in person 800-266-4723 Dallas, TX 9/1/2023
AZCE20307 6/1/20 Online Care Plans That Prove Medical Necessity 2020 1 Even GWilliam, D.C online 214-902-2401 6/1/2022
AZCE20408 1/1/21 Online Searching the Literature 2021 1 Chris Malaya, DC Katie Pohlman, DC online 800-266-4723 1/1/2023
AZCE20074 Online Understanding the Medical Approach to Low back Pain 2 - Pathophysiology Assessment Diagnosis 1 Guy Annunziatta, D.C., BCN Online 800-774-4184 8/1/2021
AZCE20138 2/6/2020 Neurodynamic Solutions Part 1 1 Michael Shacklock, DipPT, MAppSc, FACP In-Person 214-902-2401 Las Vegas, NV 11/1/2021