Approved Continuing Education Course Directory

Reminder: Pursuant to Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C) R4-7-801(M)(1), Each licensee shall complete a minimum of two hours of continuing education in record-keeping for every even-numbered [calendar] year.

This is the list of current and approved courses that have been pre-approved by the Board and can be used as Continuing Education for your license renewal in Arizona.

You can search by the Approval Code of the course, The name of the course, how many hours the course is approved for, the name of the instructor, and the type of course. To be able to search a Course by topic or part of the Course Name you will need to use a Wild Card Symbol "%" to search for the full listing of courses. Course dates, times, locations, websites, contact information, and hours should be confirmed with the course provider as that information may be subject to change.

Please note: You can sort by order of Approval Code, Start Date, Course Name, Hrs, Instructor, Seminar, and Expiration by clicking on the text.

Approval Code Start Date Course Name Hrs Instructor Seminar Sort descending Contact Info Website / City, State Expiration Hours of Record Keeping
AZCE20622 10/28/2021 - 10/30/2021 ECO Boise October 2021 - In-Person Event 17 Jay Davidson, D.C.; Todd Watts, D.C.; Darren Schmidt, D.C.; Allan Lindsley, D.C.; Jessica Peatross, M.D.; Tim Griswold, M.S.; Rachaele Carver Morin, D.M.D.; Emily Morrow, B.S.; Randy Michaux, D.C.; Nick Carruthers, D.C.; Nichole Hirsch Kuechle, B.A. In Person (800) 842-3234 Boise, ID 10/1/2023
AZCE19116 Call For Dates Manipulation Under Anesthesia 28 Nielson, Hofmeir, Henthorn In Person 623-772-1444 Phoenix, Arizona 2/1/2023 2.5
AZCE20570 10/1/21-10/3/21 Addressing Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions Externally 2 Lindsay Mumma, DC in person 800-266-4723 Dallas, TX 9/1/2023
AZCE15063 *Call for Future Dates 2015 CCA Annual Convention & Marketplace-Radiographic Technique 5 Hector RiveraMelo, D.C. In Person 916-648-2727 x141 San Diego, CA 5/1/2017
AZCE18011 11/11/2017, 11/12/2017 Multimodal Performance Therapy - Fine Tuning Musculoskeletal Care 12 Andrew Gregg, D.C. In Person 630-889-6622 Phoenix, AZ 7/1/2019
AZCE14063 Call for dates Family Wellness Chiropractic 12 Claudia Anrig, D.C. In Person 559-291-7800 Call for cities 6/1/2022
AZCE20208 3/27/2020 Concussion Roulette 10 Various In Person 510-780-4508 Pasadena, CA 3/1/2022
AZCE14063 Call for dates Family Wellness Chiropractic 12 Claudia Anrig, D.C. In Person 559-291-7800 Call for cities 6/1/2022
AZCE20326 11/13/20 - 11/15/20 and 11/20/20-11/22/20 Cranial Facial Release Basic Seminar 18 Adam Del Toro, D.C in person 510-780-4500 Burbank, CA and Miami, FL 11/1/2022
AZCE20390 1/7/2021-1/10/2021 Brimhall Homecoming 14 multiple instructors in person 866-338-4883 Tempe, AZ 12/1/2022